About the Founder/Director

Donna Cornett was in her thirties when she realized she was drinking more and more and would be facing a serious drinking problem if she did not do something about it soon. Her only options at the time were to keep on drinking, abstinence or AA; yet she did not believe her drinking was serious enough to stop altogether and she could not buy the idea of a "higher power" to help her improve drinking behavior. So she developed Drink/Link in 1988-long before any other moderate drinking program was available to the American Public-a common-sense middle-of-the-road approach for early-stage problem drinkers - like her - which shows how to moderate alcohol intake, drink less and prevent crossing the line to alcoholism.

Cornett has been counseling problem drinkers since 1985 and conducts workshops for drinkers and professionals nationwide. She holds a M.A. in psychology, and a California College Teaching Credential and teaches in Santa Rosa, California. She is a founder of the Responsible Drinking Institute of America, a non-profit organization devoted to sensible alcohol use and preventing alcohol abuse.

She is the author of "7 Weeks To Safe Social Drinking: How To Effectively Moderate Your Alcohol Intake" and the motivational tape "Take Control of Your Drinking - Now!" Donna Cornett has been consulted or featured in Time Magazine, the New York Post, ABCNews.com, Scripps Howard News Service and professional publications. Her latest achievement is offering drinkers worldwide the first and only "at home" alcohol abuse prevention program and a full line of moderation products making moderation easy.