Drink/Link Works!

Over 60% of the clients who completed the Personal Counseling Program have cut their drinking in half and over 80% significantly reduced their alcohol consumption!

Each commonsense program is based on clinically proven behavioral, cognitive, motivational and lifestyle strategies and techniques. The same behavior management skills psychologists have used for years helping people to break other bad habits - like overeating and smoking.

With Drink/Link, you will learn what moderate drinking is. You will determine your specific problem-drinking pattern and better ways to manage it. You will discover what triggers your desire to drink and how you can control it. You will be empowered with dozens of behavior management tips - tips you can apply to your drinking attitudes, habits and lifestyle that will enable you to cut down so you can enjoy moderate drinking forever!

Listen to what some clients say about Drink/Link:

"No more hangovers! I feel good when I wake up every morning now that I've completed the Self-Study Program."
Helen, Interior Designer

"My drinking was becoming a real issue between me and my wife. It had escalated over the years because I thought I'd have to stop or go to AA. I'm drinking a lot less now. Because of Drink/Link, my relationships with my wife and kids are on the mend."
Steven, Lawyer

"I've always been a health nut, but would drink heavily when I'd get stressed out about something. Just keeping the Drink/Link Basics in mind and making a drinking plan before drinking has helped me to cut down. Thanks Drink/Link!"
Bill, Mortgage Broker

"I really appreciated the non-judgmental attitude of my counselor in the Phone Counseling Program. That gave me the freedom to talk about my drinking and get to the issues behind my problem drinking."
Diane, Entertainment Executive

"The Self-Study Program is the greatest. It gave me simple guidelines and tips to help me stay within those guidelines. I'd recommend it to anyone - including patients - who are looking for an effective and low-cost solution to early-stage problem drinking."
Robert, Physician

"I feel confident I won't binge in social situations now that I've completed Drink/Link."
Tom, Correctional Officer

"The counselor and the program gave me so much insight about why I drink too much sometimes. And that insight helped me to cut down."
Marianne, Marriage Counselor

"It was so clear and simple! I thought changing drinking habits was going to be difficult. But Drink/Link was easy to understand and to the point. And I'm drinking less."
Andrew, Computer Executive

"My kids told me they were embarassed to have their friends over - especially on weeknights - because I was always drinking. Before Drink/Link, I'd have four or more beers every night. Now I'm satisfied with two. Best of all, my kids are proud of me again."
Dave, Painting Contractor

"Drink/Link has freed me from worrying about my drinking and how it was effecting my health. It's great to enjoy moderate drinking again without any problems."
Linda, Insurance Executive

"I didn't feel good about myself when I overdrank. I'd be embarassed about what I did or said when I lost control and drank too much. Now that I'm practicing Drink/Link, I'm in control and regaining my confidence and self-esteem."
Karen, Nurse Practitioner

"I was surprised at how thorough the Self-Study Program was. It was a great 'first step' for me to manage drinking better and become a better role model for my kids."
Vince, Lawyer