The Self-Study Program
Everything You Need to Reduce Alcohol Consumption at Home!

You can complete the Self-Study Program on your own in the privacy of your home without professional help and it runs only $195 - a bargain when compared with most treatment programs that cost thousands. It is an easy "first step" to nip problem drinking in the bud and you are guaranteed reduced alcohol consumption if you complete the entire program per instructions and continue to practice everything your learn. Each item in the Self-Study Program has been clinically proven to reduce alcohol consumption and it includes:

  • A free 50-minute phone session with Donna Cornett with your purchase of the Self-Study Program. A $150 value!
  • The "7 Weeks to Safe Social Drinking" Workbook by D.J. Cornett, founder and director of Drink/Link. It is full of proven behavioral, cognitive, motivational and lifestyle strategies and techniques showing you how to beat the drinking urge, break problem-drinking habits and drink less.
  • The "Take Control of Your Drinking - Now!" Motivational Tape, also by D.J. Cornett. This 30-minute tape gets you excited about moderating and keeps you on track day or night - whenever the urge strikes.
  • The Drink/Link Drinking Diary - raises your drinking awareness and enables you to cut down automatically.
  • A Drink Graph - helps you keep track of your progress during and after you have completed the program.
  • The "Herbal & All-Natural Moderation Tips" Booklet also by D.J. Cornett contains clinically proven herbal and folk remedies that actually reduce your desire to drink - naturally!
  • Nutritional Supplements - a seven week supply that have been proven to reduce alcohol craving and make modifying drinking habits easier.
  • Easy step-by-step instructions for the entire seven week program.

Maybe you are not ready to stop drinking. You will learn in the seven-week Self-Study Program if moderation works for you or if you should consider the more intensive Phone Counseling Program or abstinence.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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